COVID Update from Superintendent Mr. Kopp

Good afternoon Indians,



I'd like to give everyone a quick update on where the School Community stands as of this afternoon regarding our Covid numbers.



As of the report I received at 11:00 today from the County Department of Health, we currently have three students and or staff who have tested positive for Covid and eight students or staff who have been placed in quarantine as being designated as contacts.  Therefore, our quarantine rate at the moment for our school community stands as 1.3%.  That's good news! The other good news is that out of the eight Livingston County Schools only one has fewer students and staff quarantined.  I want to thank you for being so diligent in your efforts to keep our students and each other safe.  Please continue to work through your weariness with this pandemic.  Together we can keep our school open and students in person 5 days per week.


On another note, I just learned on Tuesday of this week that the Walgreens chain of stores is offering free rapid testing for individuals and families every day that they are open from 9:30 - 5:00.  I also learned this week that Mt. Morris Central School will no longer offer free testing to anyone outside their District as they are experiencing testing supply issues. The web address for Walgreens is posted below.



Lastly, I'd like to share with the community something the state has put out for public comment.  The website below will allow you to share your thoughts on the subject.  The words that you see in bold print are what I submitted to the state regarding my thoughts on the accountability waiver.   


ESSA Accountability Waiver Survey

Under the requirements of the Federal "Every Student Succeeds Act" (ESSA), each school in the United States is held accountable for making annual yearly progress based on attendance, academic performance on state tests and a number of other categories.  When schools do not make adequate yearly progress, they are flagged for potential state intervention. Due to the disruption caused by the pandemic and ongoing challenges, New York State is seeking a Federal waiver from the ESSA accountability measures.  I encourage all of you to participate in the public comment period by completing the survey at the link below, by December 15. I submitted the following comments at the end of the survey:


"Districts across the state have borne the weight of this pandemic since its inception. We drastically altered instructional models and interventions to ensure continuity of instruction; we developed extensive plans to return students to in-person learning; we retrofitted facilities and revised operations to accommodate all the mandates; and the list goes on.  Until mandatory quarantines for close contacts with confirmed positive COVID-19 cases are no longer required, New York State should request waivers to the federal accountability standards. Student performance and social-emotional intervention data provide substantial evidence that excluding students from school, whether by mandated school closures or ongoing quarantines, has a significant negative impact on students. In Keshequa, we have no problem administering state tests to use the information locally to help our students continuously improve, but until everything is allowed to transition back to normal, I support the waiver request."


Here is the link to the ESSA waiver survey:


Have a wonderful weekend.


Respectfully yours,

Thomas K. Kopp

Superintendent Source: ESSA Waiver Survery