Keshequa 8th Graders Explore Science at Alfred University!

Keshequa Students Visit Alfred University

On December 11th  8th grade Keshequa students attended a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) field trip to Alfred University. This fantastic opportunity allowed students to observe and take part in experiments and demonstrations using university-level equipment while being taught by university instructors.

A highlight of the trip for many was a visit to the “hot shop,” a state-of-the art glass working facility. Students were treated to a live demonstration of glass blowing techniques, narrated by an AU professor. Alfred University is the only school in the country that offers a PhD program in glass science.  This up-close and personal opportunity to explore the inside of a working hot shop contained more first hand knowledge and experience for students than visiting a museum such as Corning would.  It was a unique opportunity for students to see the principles they are learning in the classroom, such as thermal energy and forces, applied to a real-world setting.

In addition, students took part in a variety of hands-on activities in physics and chemistry. For example, students explored acid-base chemistry while dying their own souvenir t-shirts, explored metal chemistry by plating their own souvenir pennies in zinc, and explored the properties of amorphous solids while making their own souvenir candles.  Students were also treated to a variety of laboratory demonstrations like flaming metals, Gummy Bear rocket fuel, elephant toothpaste and repeating “clock” reactions.

The educational portion of the day was followed by a meeting with an admissions officer to explain how higher education works, what it can offer, and how students can shape their upcoming high school career to get the most out of their higher education opportunities.

As a grand finale, the University provided lunch at the all-you-can eat campus cafeteria that offered everything from Mongolian barbecue to Italian gelato, in addition to many other all-American favorites.

Students greatly enjoyed the whole experience. They had lots of questions about other areas of the University including the agricultural science farm, the astronomical observatory and the school of art and design. This was a great opportunity for Keshequa students!