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Welcome Back!

By: Thomas Kopp

As we welcome students back to the 2017-18 school year one might wonder to what they are returning. I’d like to articulate to you some of the excellent opportunities and additions to which they will be exposed.

The Board of Education has listened to our teachers and administrators throughout the entire process of creating a vision for Keshequa and as a result, I’m pleased to be able to share several innovative steps and personnel appointments the District has made. As I mentioned in the final Chronicle of last year our administrator team was going through some restructuring of jobs. Our administrative team has now transitioned to their new positions. Mrs. Kristina Mileham is now the Primary Principal/Director of Pupil Personnel. Mrs. Hunt is the 4th – 6th grade Principal and our new District Director of Curriculum & Instruction (DDCI). Mr. Reynolds is our 7th – 12th grade Principal/Director of Technology. Mr. Lehman is the Assistant Principal/Director of Health & P.E. and Mrs. Tina Button is the new Business Manager. The District have been able to place an administrator in the Dalton building on a permanent basis and add the position of District Director of Curriculum & Instruction and still eliminate an administrative position, which the District had contracted for through BOCES.

The District believes that it is extremely important to have a principal on site in Dalton at all times. Mrs. Mileham will lead the teachers as they work with the District’s children and manage all day to day operations. She will also continue to supervise all students with disabilities.

The District has hired an Instructional Coach (IC) to work with the faculty to help them further advance and strengthen each teacher’s instructional capacity. This will afford our teachers the advantage of being even more dynamic and engaging while working with your children. The Instructional Coach will work closely with his supervisor, the District Director of Curriculum & Instruction, to analyze critical data and in so doing identify areas such as gaps in the curriculum, where and in what areas professional development needs are, how to better infuse technology into instructional practices, and how to more authentically engage students instructionally to mention, but a few. Mr. Van Epps will also help deliver professional development to our teachers. Furthermore, he will work closely with teachers and the District Director of Curriculum & Instruction to create a seamless vertical curriculum alignment from Pre-K – 12th grade.

The District has moved away from the BOCES technology support service and hired away one of their technicians to become a permanent member of our staff. Mr. Jayson Richardson joins the Keshequa staff and brings a wealth of expertise to the District. He will work tirelessly to make sure all of our technology is maintained in good working condition so that students will have access to it at all times. He will also help provide professional development to our teachers on how best to utilize the technology tools we have available to our children within an instructional setting.

We’d like to welcome Rebecca Bartz to the staff of Keshequa this year. Rebecca has been hired as a school psychologist. Her primary focus will be working with students in grades four through eight. She will also function as a Chairperson for the Committee on Special Education.

The District has hired Samantha Landin as a new art teacher. We will share her services half time with Letchworth. Ms. Landin will provide all art for Pre-K – 3rd grade students. We have also included in her schedule exploratory Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math (STEAM) opportunities for all Dalton students. She is young and energetic and we believe she will continue to provide excellent art opportunities to our youngest students as she takes over for Ms. Leger, who moves full time to the Nunda building.

The District has joined with Letchworth in sharing a half time business teacher. Mrs. Walsh will teach three business courses for the District in the morning before she heads over to Letchworth; one of which has been formally approved for ACE credit through GCC.

We have been working hard to expand our technology opportunities to include more robotics and 3-D printing as well as additional drone integration into the curriculum. We have revamped The Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program at the intermediate level to better meet the needs of this group of young learners. The District is currently redesigning the District’s website to bring it up to modern standards. We anticipate a December launch on this project. The new web design will facilitate easier navigation and access to information for you the community member. We are also opening up the student portal on School Tool. Doing this will give our students up to the minute information on their academic progress in classes. Parents of students in grades 7-12 will continue to have access to their student’s data as long as they sign up for Parent Portal through the main office. We will look to send student participants to the YMCA Youth in Government program in Albany with both Junior High and Senior High teams this year.

These are just some of the new additions and opportunities, which Keshequa Central School is offering its students this coming year. As always, I want to thank each community member for the support you so graciously give to the students and staff of your school. Without your support, students wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet the challenges they will face as they graduate from this extraordinary institution and move into the world.