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Information Technology

Welcome to Keshequa IT!  This page will be your jumping off point for various resources and documents connected to bringing the power of instructional technology to our students.  As we move forward into the future the district is currently working on the following initiatives:
1) 1:1 student to chrome book device deplyoment enabling every student to have access to modern instructional technology.
2) Refreshing classroom display technology with 70" interactive touch screen displays.  This will enable our teachers to use interactive multi media and replace aging and failing existing technology!
3) Planning to upgrade our hi-tech security features in conjunction with an upcoming capital project.  Our priority is to keep our students safe and a long due overhaul to our camera system, access control system, and PA system will help us continue to achieve that.
The pdf below provides a brief summary of our technological infrastructure and our projected plans for continuing to develop technology in the district. This approved plan provides us access to the application process for Smart Schools Bond money through NYSED.  It is updated annually through NYSED.