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What Parents and Students Need To Know about Ed law 2D and Data Privacy

Keshequa Central School District Technology 
How We Protect Your Privacy
New York State Education Law Section 2-d(link is external) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act(link is external) provide clear protections for student data, and Keshequa is committed to complying with all applicable laws. We are also committed to promoting the least intrusive data collection policies practicable that advance the goals of improving academic achievement, empowering parents with information and advancing efficient and effective school operations while minimizing the collection and transmission of personally identifiable information, and will work to ensure that this is reflected in our practices.
NYS provides a Bill of Rights detailing our school's responsibilities as it pertains to students' information which is required by law to be available on our website.  Please see below for this important document.  Please contact Superintendent Tom Kopp with any questions regarding data privacy.
Report a Possible Breach in the Release of Protected Data
Parents, eligible students (students who are at least 18 years of age), principals, teachers, and employees of an educational agency may file a complaint about a possible breach or improper disclosure of student data and/or protected teacher or principal data using the form button below. 
It will be submitted to Mr. Tom Kopp, Superintendent of Schools and Data Privacy Officer. 
Inventory List of Approved Technology Vendors
In Accordance with Ed Law 2D and the Parents Bill of Rights, the Keshequa Central School District must provide a list of all third-party vendors that may use student information, such as their name and/or email address.  
Included in this list are software products that we use in the classroom with students or products utilized by faculty and staff in their routine functions.  
Access the list using the button below.