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Recess is mightley important to the mental and physical well-being of children. Whenever possible, we seek to have students playing outside for recess as a break from classroom-based and other indoor activities. There are no national or professional standards for temperature that preclude sending children outside for recess. School districts often provide general guidelines, but ultimately give decision-making authority to individual school principals. Multiple factors, such as wind and precipitation, are always taken into account, but the primary consideration is always the safety of our students. Whenever students are sent outside in cold temperatures, building staff watch for individual children that are not wearing appropriate clothing and may be at risk. By helping your child pack for the day ahead, we can ensure all students are able to get outside each day. If students would like to keep an extra pair of gloves/hat at school, they can store them in their lockers. If your child needs a particular piece of winter wear to stay warm in the cold weather, please be sure to connect with the main office – we will be happy to try and locate the right piece of winter wear in just the right size..

At Keshequa Primary, we use the following general guidelines for decision making related to recess:

  • Regular outdoor recess will be held when outside air temperature with wind chill is 20° (F) or greater. The presence of rain or snowfall can influence this decision.
  • Indoor recess will be held when outside air temperature with wind chill is lower than 20° (F). Indoor recess is always an option when decided that steady rainfall or heavy snowfall have created unsafe conditions.


Although we aim to let students know of recess decisions by the morning announcements, there are times when a ‘game time decision’ must be made. When this happens, teachers are made aware of changes so students can prepare accordingly. We thank you for your continued support as we aim to encourage movement throughout our student’s day, ensuring that they are able to play, imagine, think, move, and socialize daily. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


The chart below is used to support daily decisions for student recess location: