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Report Cards

As our school continues to improve teaching and learning for students, we look to our parents and families for support. We have created this guide to serve as a reference for you, our most valuable partners in student success. Recently, New York State and our district adopted new, more rigorous standards for what every child should know and be able to do in each subject area and grade level. The Next Generation Learning Standards set high expectations for students, staff and schools. To better assess students under the new standards, the district has revised our elementary report card. The standards-based report card will provide valuable information on student performance based on these standards—as well as information on work habits. The report card was designed by district educators and administrators who hope it will be a positive step in communicating the expectations for student learning in each grade level.

This report card has been designed in a progressive manner. The Next Generation Learning Standards developed by NYS are the end goal for students each year. This report card was revised with this idea in mind. Each trimester scaffolds students towards mastery at a level that increases throughout the year. As a student progresses through the year, the intensity of the standard builds. This report provides checkpoints throughout the year that highlight student individual performance toward each checkpoint. 

We have developed benchmarks that outline what your child should be able to do at the end of each of the three trimesters at their grade level.  This means that the skills that are expected for your child to be on grade level at the end of the third trimester will be more extensive than at then end of the first or second trimesters.