7th Grade Daily Homework:

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Homework Tips: 
Encourage your child to use a system to keep track of assignments, such as a planner. 
Help student have a way to keep track of important papers. All 7th graders at KCS have a Homework folder with a compartment for each subject. 
Help your child to organize their time. For some families, having a study routine built into each day with the same daily study time may be helpful. For families with multiple sports and activities, your child may need to estimate how long each assignment will take and schedule assignments around sports and club meetings. Keep in mind that your child will have approximately 30-45 min of homework after school each day. 
Place to study or complete homework: Put the phone in the next room during study time to minimize distractions. Does your child work best in a quiet bedroom with no distractions from siblings or at the kitchen table where they can ask an older family member questions while they are working? Can they pick one song list and stick with it or do they work best with the music off? Ideally, choose the same place each day.