4th - 8th Grade Counseling

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Anxiety Reduction:
If your child is experiencing a high level of anxiety or upset during this time, here are a few resources for you:
 Mindfulness- Encouraging your child to take a minute to pay brief attention to being in the moment, listening to their own breathing, what are the sights, sounds and smells in the room? Do this as often as needed.
 6 minute progressive muscle relaxation
 Deep breaths- 3 deep breaths inhale in the nose, hold each one for 3 seconds before exhaling out the mouth. There are several visuals online they can use to help them moderate their breathing, such as this one, called hoberman sphere breathing:
 Daily gratitude journal- have your child discuss or write one thing they are thankful for each day. Research shows this can help to rewire the brain to feel more positive. 
 Exercise is also important in reducing anxiety, so walk, run, do some youtube exercises or jumping jacks in your livingroom or look through the ideas your PE teacher has sent
Play relaxing music while your child does schoolwork, goes about the house or falls asleep 
Please understand that different children will have different emotional reactions to life events, such as with the current COVID crisis. Some children may be irritable and clingy, some may regress in skills previously learned, demanding extra attention. Yet others may have a different set of challenging behaviors in response.
Keeping some sort of daily routine is helpful and gives children some sense of predictability. Keeping bedtime, mealtime and schoolwork times similar each day whenever possible may benefit you and your child. Remember to as much incorporate physical activity as possible throughout the day. 
If you or your child are really struggling to cope with emotional changes associated with COVID-19 and need assistance through this difficult time, feel free to reach out to me to explore some other coping strategies that may suit to your needs or to get a list of local Therapists/Telecounselors in our area. 
      Sarah Bull, 4-8 School Counselor 585-468-2900 x-2077/sbull@keshequa.org
OR For FREE emergency 24 hr. emotional support, consultation, and referral to a provider call 1-844-863-9314 or 2-1-1