District Policies » 1000 By-Laws

1000 By-Laws

1110 School District and Board of Education Legal Status and Authority
1130 Code of Conduct for School Board and Superintendent
1140 Student Liaison to the Board of Education
1210 Board of Education Members: Nomination and Election
1220 Reporting of Expenditures and Contributions
1230 Resignation and Dismissal
1310 Powers and Duties of the Board
1320 Nomination and Election of Board Officers
1330 Appointments and Designations by the Board of Education
1331 Duties of the District Clerk
1332 Duties of the School District Treasurer
1333 Duties of the Tax Collector
1334 Duties of the External (Independent) Auditor
1335 Appointment and Duties of the Claims Auditor
1336 Duties of the Extraclasroom Activity Fund Central Treasurer and Faculty Auditor
1337 Duties of the School Attorney
1338 Duties of the School Physician/Nurse Practitioner
1410 Execution of Policy: Administrative Regulations
1510 Regular Board Meetings and Rules
1511 Agenda Format
1520 Special Meetings of the Board of Education
1530 Minutes
1540 Executive Sessions
1610 Annual District Meeting and Election/Budget Vote
1611 Business of the Annual District Election
1620 Annual Organizational Meeting: Time and Agenda
1630 Legal Qualifications of Voters at School District Meetings
1640 Absentee Ballots
1650 Submission of Questions and Propositions at Annual Elections and Special District Meetings