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August 14th Superintendent Kopp's Video Update about Reopening School Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Keshequa Central School Families,

Together, we are approaching a school year that will look and feel very different than any other we have experienced before. What we know is that COVID-19 conditions will continue to evolve and that the guidance we must follow from state, and federal health authorities will also evolve; sometimes very quickly. These unprecedented circumstances have required us to reimagine teaching and learning, and think very differently about how we can support a safe and successful school year for all members of our School District community.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to develop three different state-required models for the reopening of schools in September. 

1.    In Person Model- (5 days a week in school)

2.    Hybrid Model

3.    Remote Model

To accomplish this task, the District established a Reopening Committee consisting of: a Board of Education member, students, administrators, teachers, related service providers, support staff, health care professionals, legal, and parents.   The committee was tasked with providing input and feedback to the administration team on how to reopen school safely.  We have a fundamental responsibility to resume teaching and learning throughout the school year for all students, and we are fully committed to doing so with equity, safety, science, and the many needs of our stakeholders guiding our decision making.  The plan will allow us to adjust quickly as the public health landscape continues to evolve both before and after school starts. The New York State Education Reopening Plan is our roadmap.


●    July 31, 2020 Reopening Plans are submitted to NYSED and will be available to view on the KCS Website

●    August 1-7, 2020 Governor Cuomo will announce the decision to open schools

After reviewing the draft plan below, please use this link to let us know what your needs and preferences are for each of your children. 

As always, please feel free to reach out with any additional questions and concerns you may have after you have reviewed all of the attached information.

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we work through this process.


Thomas K. Kopp

Superintendent of Schools


 Keshequa CSD Draft Reopening Plan

In developing this plan, KCS considered the following priorities:

●    Put the safety of students and staff first

●    Focus on science and facts

●    Meet all required guidance

●    Consider stakeholder feedback including:

1.    Social-emotional needs of students

2.    Academic learning needs of students

3.    Synchronous & Asynchronous Instructional Models

4.    More rigorous and structured instructional model compared to last spring


General Health and Safety Requirements:

●    Social distance of 6 feet between participants in all instructional spaces unless masked.

●    Use of face masks required when social distance cannot be maintained.

●    Use of face masks highly recommended even when social distance can be maintained.

●    All students (parents) and staff will need to attest to COVID wellness requirements daily. 

●    Students and staff are encouraged to bring their own face coverings.

●    District will provide face masks for all students and staff as needed at no cost.

●    HVAC and air handling units meet all NYSDOH guidance for schools. Windows will be opened where appropriate.

●    Visitors to buildings will be extremely limited. 

●    Classrooms and spaces will be disinfected nightly by our custodial staff.

●    Required signage is being installed across the district.

●    All reopening guidance from the NYSDOH will be met or exceeded.


In-Person Instruction

In-Person Model

•    In-person instruction 5 days a week cannot be offered due to the need for teachers to be able to have adequate time to prepare instruction for those students choosing to learn remotely/virtually 100% of the time and so the district can clean and disinfect more extensively.


Hybrid Model of Instruction

Hybrid Model KCSD Instructional Reopening-Hybrid.pdf 

●    Students in grades 7 - 12 will receive a combination of in-school instruction (2 days) and at-home virtual instruction (3 days) per week.  Students in grades PreK-6 will receive a combination of in-school instruction (4 days) and at-home virtual instruction (1 day) per week.  See cohort models below.

Cohort model: 

  • Cohort 1 (a mix of 7-12 students): 

    • Will attend in person Monday and Tuesday; virtual (at home) learning will take place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

    • Students who do not have internet access will come into a learning lab to do on-line work.

  • Cohort 2 (a mix of 7-12 students): 

    • Will attend in person Thursday and Friday: virtual (at home) learning will take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

    • Students who do not have internet access will come into a learning lab to do on-line work.

  • Cohort 3 (7-12 students who are supported with an IEP or have Bilingual Education and World Languages (ELL) learning needs and/or BOCES CTE students)

    • Will attend in-person instruction 2 days/week 

    • Students will receive an additional 2 days of instructional support to address their special education and/or ELL needs. Compensatory supports will also be provided during this timeframe.

    • Virtual (at home) learning will take place on Wednesday. Students who do not have internet access will come into a learning lab to do on-line work.

    • BOCES CTE students will be at Keshequa first period on Thursday and Friday and will then attend BOCES.

  • Cohort 4 (students choosing to learn virtually 100% of the time)

    • Will attend virtually (at home) every school day

    • Must choose for a full semester (semester one ends January 29th)

  • Cohort PK-6th grades (all PK-6 students): 

    • Will attend in person Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; 

    • Virtual (at home) learning will take place on Wednesday. Students who do not have internet access will come into a learning lab to do on-line work.

  • Instruction may be delivered synchronously or asynchronously based on content and best practice

    • Synchronous instruction: happening, existing, or arising at precisely the same time; simultaneously

    • Asynchronous instruction: not simultaneous or concurrent in time

  • All 7-12 students will be assigned to a specific cohort

  • In-person days will feel like a “normal day” for students.

  • Remote learning days: Schedules will vary from grade level to grade level between normal instructional hours. Students will be expected to participate in instructional activities (age-appropriate) and attendance will be taken during these days.


Remote Instruction

100% Remote Model of Instruction

●    We are also planning to offer a fully remote model of instruction.   Instruction would happen during the normal school hours.

●    We anticipate this model being a blend of synchronous (live instruction) and asynchronous (recorded lessons) model of instruction. 

●    The details of this plan are still being worked out as we are awaiting additional guidance.

August 7th Video Update from Superintendent Tom Kopp discussing the District's capital project and plans for reopening the school.