Intermediate Arrival and Dismissal Changes

Dear Intermediate Parents,

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the dismissal survey that was sent last week. The results gave us great information that will help us make students safer during arrival and dismissal. This letter is outlining a new procedure for parent transport for intermediate students. In addition, we are asking that you complete the attached form and return it to the Intermediate Office. This needs to be returned to the office by Wednesday, September 28, 2022.

Parent Transport Arrival-
            • All Intermediate students arriving by Parent Transport will be dropped off at the                                       Intermediate Door (Nut Butter Door- see the diagram on the back).
            • Students are only to exit the car from the passenger side of the vehicle.
            • Intermediate students may only exit the car in the Intermediate drop off zone.
            • Middle and High School students may enter at the Intermediate entrance as well if a                             driver is dropping an Intermediate student off.
            • When exiting the driveway cars will make a right hand turn.
Parent Transport Dismissal-
             • All Intermediate students traveling by Parent Transport will be picked up at the                                         Intermediate Door (Nut Butter Door- see the diagram on the back).
             • Any person picking up a student must be on the student’s approved release list and a                          form of picture ID must be shown. Families may designate 4 adults whose names will be                    on file for pickup. The attached student information sheet must be returned and the                              names on this document will be who students are allowed to be dismissed to.
            • Any person picking up students must check in with staff holding the clipboard and show                 their ID. If a student leaves with a high school driver, the high school student will need to                    come to the intermediate office to check that student out. They then can proceed to the                  student parking lot.
           • The student will then exit the building and can get into the car on the passenger side only.             Intermediate students are only allowed to enter the vehicle in the drop off zone.
          • When exiting the driveway cars will make a right hand turn.
Dismissal Changes for All-
           • All dismissal changes need to be in by 1pm if it is a same day dismissal change
           • If you are making a dismissal change, please call the Intermediate Office at 468-2900 ex              1157. The Intermediate Office will pass the information on to the bus garage.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your cooperation in helping ensure that our students are safe at Keshequa Intermediate. These changes will take place starting Monday, October 3rd.

Intermediate Driveway diagram

These changes start Monday October 3rd, 2022

Mrs. Kristen Kanner
Intermediate Principal