Therapy Dog

A new furry friend will be walking the Keshequa halls as we welcome Daniella, our new therapy dog!

Daniella has been working with Principal Farina to bring smiles and healing paws to students who are dysregulated, may need some extra support during challenging tasks, or may just need a pick-me-up on certain days. 

To help get both students and Daniella ready for this task, Principal Farina has been holding special sessions during student lunches to help teach students about therapy dogs, when they'll be able to pet her, and the types of commands they'll see Daniella respond to. 

Principal Farina is reminding students that Daniella is working when she's in our schools, and our students have now been taught how to approach dogs in general, not just therapy dogs.

We're excited to welcome Daniella to our team, and see what our students will be able to accomplish with this extra level of support!

Written by: Daniel Northup