Health & Wellness

FLASHP Lifting the School Community

Keshequa is excited to announce our partnership with the Finger Lakes Area School Health Plan to introduce an online learning program focused on enhancing the health and well-being of our community. The Lift Project will run from October 16 to December 1 and is available at no cost to the entire Keshequa school community. Learn more here:

The Lift Project is designed to provide tools and strategies to live a happier, healthier life based on the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology and lifestyle medicine. The online program explores 7 well-being-enhancing topics. Completing each topic lesson will take about 15 minutes.


The Finger Lakes Area School Health Plan (FLASHP), comprising 35 school districts, intends to enhance the school community through collaboration with "The Lift Project," an internationally recognized well-being initiative. Developed by Dr. Darren Morton (PhD, FASLM), an acclaimed educator and well-being expert, this initiative aims to cultivate a happier life by offering practical tools and tips to elevate overall wellness. Sponsored by the FLASHP Wellness Fund, this well-being adventure consists of seven lessons, each lasting 20 minutes. It is designed to assist individuals, families, and communities in enhancing their mental and emotional well-being. Join in the enjoyment of this initiative by participating in the course alongside your colleagues at work, as well as with your family and friends.

  • Each week: Receive 2 emails from The Lift Project covering a different topic along with a challenge and activity.

  • You will learn: A scientifically-proven way to lift your mood and your life.

  • At the end of each lesson: Be given some simple and fun challenges to try out for yourself and participate in activities that lift you up!

Weekly Themes:

  • Week 1: Speak Positively - Your Limbo is Listening

  • Week 2: Motion Creates Emotion - Move Dynamically

  • Week 3: Together Feels Better - Immerse in an Uplifting Social Environment

  • Week 4: Feelings Follow Your Focus - Look to the Positive

  • Week 5: Food Fuels Your Mood - Eat Nutritiously

  • Week 6: Rest Well & Stress Less to Feel Your Best

  • Week 7: Giving is Living - Serve

Our journey begins October 16th. Use the link below to sign up. Don’t miss out on this exciting journey. Registration closes on October 22nd.