Mascot Top 3

In a significant milestone for our school community, the selection process for a new mascot is reaching its final stage. Following a week-long voting period, students have successfully narrowed down the original pool of eight contenders to the final three choices.

Keshequa students have now decided that the top three choices are (in alphabetical order):

  • The Keshequa Cougars
  • The Keshequa Coyotes
  • The Keshequa Wildcats

Now it's our communities turn to join our students in making the ultimate decision about which of the top three will become the new Keshequa mascot! 

Final voting will run from March 16 through March 22, but alumni and community members can register to vote now by following this link:

These changes come as the Keshequa CSD continues to follow new guidelines put in place by the New York State Department of Education. To read more about the process click here.